Buying online vs brick and mortar stores.

What determines where you buy from?..

Is it price?
Close location to the gym?
Do you have a friendly local supp store team?


  • hamdanzhamdanz Posts: 59

    Haven't been to a supp store in a long time tbh

    Only buy online, usually only buy what I consider a deal

  • If I lived in a city I would buy from a shop but since I don't I always buy online. Usually only if it's a special also.
  • memskememske Posts: 14

    Choosing one over the other? Price.

    If they are comparable in price, I'm loyal to those who have hooked me up or given me deals in the past.

  • GerbilGerbil Posts: 24

    I have 3 stores here in Chch - Onesupps, Gymeez and Payless Supps within a 15 minute walk. And iSupps on the ride home.

    I try and buy from them as they'll all match online prices and honestly it's nice to have a chat. But they're always empty when I go in, so was curious as to how they manage to stay open as they're certainly never the cheapest.

  • eat-more-pieseat-more-pies Posts: 81
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  • VarisVaris Posts: 65


    Go into OneSupps Christchurch.. We recently upgraded it.. And it's only going to get better.

    I send down all the new stock to there, he'll always hook it up too.

    Shea who runs it now, is a really good guy.

  • GerbilGerbil Posts: 24

    Noice! I'll check it out @Varis Always keen to support local brick and mortar stores where I can.

  • VarisVaris Posts: 65

    Cheers bro, i have invest interest in that shop so appreciate it!

  • GerbilGerbil Posts: 24

    Just popped in and said Hi! And grabbed a new photo to put up on Google Maps as the shopfront rather than the Street view image.

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