Outbreak Nutrition Pathogen Sample review

Thanks very much to Varis and Black coffee for the sample and apologies for the delay in getting around to the review.

As a bit of an introduction first, I like to think of myself an old school pre workout fan, hammering numerous tubs of the original Superpump 250, once stacking it with mitotropin for a laugh and then struggling not to shake.

I've had more than a few years away from pre workouts but I gave BSN No-xplode a crack as my last full tub about six months and really enjoyed the pumps that came with it.

I jumped at the chance of the wizard samples that came that was an intro to 350mg of caffeine in a hit so was kind of prepared for Pathogen.

Taste - 7/10

Definitely get a hint of pineapple but mostly orange and more of raspberry in paracetamol flavour, slightly bitter and a bit artificial but it tastes like the flavour it says on the packet and have had a lot worse

Mix-ability - 9/10

As you can see in the photo there's a bit of white residue at the top of the liquid after it's been mixed but for me it was really noticeable that there was nothing left in the bottom for a change, no gritty half mouthful of formula, I may have lucked out but was sweet for me.

Formula - 8/10

Solid product, decent if not a big dose of caffeine at 350mg, the choline bitartrate is something new that I actually had to look up and the quantity amount included did enhance focus and alertness, especially for a 6:45 a.m. gym session (early morning wake ups are just starting so I'll take any boost I can get) The Citrulline Malate gave a decent pump, I was hitting chest and arms it was probably more noticeable. I've always been a fan of beta alanine, the dosage of 3.2g is a bit more than the 2.5g I was used to but getting the pins and needles back are always a good sign

Overall score - 8/10

At the end of the day it's pre workout that does exactly what it should do, pumps, energy and focus. No complaints at all. I've always been affected by certain dosages of caffeine so I'll blame the coffee that I knew I shouldn't have had at 10:30 for still being wide awake at midnight. Solid product and would try again.

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