BSN Nutrition HyperSHRED review

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Gidday everyone,

Today we're going to be dosing up on 1 serve of BSN's HyperSHRED.

Thanks Xplosive team for the opportunity!

My usage case for this is all day energy, looking to replace my PharmaFreak Ripped Freak I'm currently on.

As a quick background, started on Detonate, and tried pretty much everything since then. Quite stim tolerant and have had my morning coffee already.

I am after energy, appetite suppressant and general well-being from this product (but no expecting miracles of course)!

I have taken this on an empty tummy at approximately 9.30 am and finished at 10am.

Right, in to the good stuff!

Taste - 3/10

Smells good, "Electric raspberry" name would suit flavor profile, tangy, zingy and blue raspberry tasting.

Actually reminded me of the first lick of one of these bad boys!

Gulpability: 0/10. Sorry guys, but if you wanna chug this you're going to need to dilute it beyond the recommended 180-250ml.

Mix-ability - 6/10

As you can see, it's quite bitty, as mentioned in other reviews:

Rinsed out my cup a few times.

Formula - 10/10

The Good:

1.5g of Acetyl L Carnitine HCl - A well known very safe energy booster.

250mg of caffeine - Another well known safe energy booster and appetite suppressant.

150mg Red (hot chilli) pepper extract - A well utilised and widely accepted fat loss supplement, also used in my RippedFreak.

500mg of L Tyrosine - A well known nootropic used to decrease stress and enhance the effects of stimulants.

100mg of L Theanine - A well known nootropic relaxant and caffeine enhancement agent.

The Bad:

100mg of Green Tea Extract - A well known fat burner, contains many molecules, most potent of which is the EGCG. However @100mg simply not high enough dosage.

200mg Longan Extract - A memory enhancer and brain enhance nootropic, not a lot of information available, beyond (successful) 100mg/Kg studies in mice, far outweighing the dosage in this product.

100 mg Ilex Guayusa leaf - Focus and mood enhancer, not a lot of dosage info found, but would suggest 100mg insufficient for most adults.

The Ugly:

10mg Clubmoss extract - A well known nootropic for brain function enhancement - it's simply way too short a dosage.

Overall score - 7/10

It's 11am, appetite is nicely suppressed, not overly so. Enjoying food, but not amazingly hungry like I would normally be.

My energy levels are good, I'm feeling focused and nicely stimmed.

Not a bad product, would be keen to see how to stacks up long term, a few nootropic ingredients which would ideally need to build up to acheive full results.

In short - Unless you're a real lightweight, this is not a PWO.
Rather mild on the stims.
Very heavy on the nootropics and brain protecting and enhancing ingredients.
Good for stacking with stim heavy PWO.


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