Bsn Hypershred review

Cheers for the sample to review.

First off, I didn't take pictures sorry.

Secondly, I didn't take it in the morning on empty stomach like how did usually review a fat burner. I instead took hour after lunchtime gym session, to starve off the coming crash from Giant Riot. That pre workout makes me crash majorly, I need a decent restim.

I haven't read too much into the ingredients, but at a glance, it looks ok? Not great. Decent amount of caffeine at 250mg, but not a lot in terms of decent stim dosages, few under dosed ones.

In terms of feels, to be honest, because of circumstances, I didn't feel much at all. Still crashed slightly. But usually crash after riot as I said.

Ingredients- 6.5

Experience- 5

I'll hold off from a proper review as I feel it wasn't under the best of conditions, so not fair.


  • Usually I have a high tolerance to stimulants, but in this case I got ping faced
  • VarisVaris Posts: 65
    edited November 2017

    Not going to lie,

    But i was thinking of the situations where you 404 due to overpinging

    And i remembered, the great old CZ may he RIP in peace. Had one of these moments with the OG Hypershred.

    Well i had what i thought to be half a sample of the new hypershred on top the stim i had already consumed that day, and let's just say i must have stim finger the sample as i consumed the whole sachet.

    Feels where had, maybe to many feels.. Could have been a CZ transinfestation, But maybe 4 years later.

    Not sure what was felt that day.. We may never know.png

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