Most Under Rated Testosterone Booster in NZ?

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So i was going through some products today and i came through this noticeable gem, the main reason i recommend this particular product is quite often when somebody is looking for a testosterone booster they don't want to spend $100.00.

And apart from a few notable mentions the majority of the products out there are pure placebo.. And really don't have any great ingredients, Yes i do sell supplements, But I've always been straight up.. Nothings changed.

For RSP Prime-T's Instance, it comes at a reasonable price tag of $49.95, Minus whatever discount code you have could see it price at $40-45 including delivery.

So why do i rate this product?

Simple, Look into the ingredient profile and you will see my justification from just looking at a couple of them.

As you can see one of the most widely used products in the supplement testosterone booster market is DAA, You need 3 Grams for it to be effective daily, really frustrate me when companies pixy dust this and have a few hundred mg's.. As it's pointless otherwise.

  • RSP Nutrition Prime-T 3.2 Grams Per Serve (YES It's Capsule form so doesn't taste like ass)* * * * * *

    DAA is another nutrient that is used by your body to create the Luteinzing Hormone.
    It has been seen in several studies to boost overall testosterone levels when used on a regular basis.

  • DIM 250MG's Per Serve. That's quite a strong dose, what i've seen you really only need 30-60mg, So this is quite alot.* * * * * * * * * * *

DIM’s Possible T-Boosting Bio-Activities
Releases and safeguards T from T-binding carrier proteins.
DIM doesn’t actually cause the body to produce more testosterone–instead, it instigates the release of T bound to sex-hormone binding globulin (SHBG) protein, often preventing T from binding in the first place. The result is more “free” T that can easily cross the blood-brain barrier, enter fat cells, strengthen muscle tissue, etc. etc. The method with which DIM inhibits SHBG involves the increase of estrogen compounds that have a higher affinity to SHBG than T–thus promoting the release of T from Aromatase converts testosterone into estrogen (what!?), a process that results in less male activity and more feminine bodily attributes (i.e. man boobs). This is especially pertinent to older men who experience heightened aromatase activity with each progressive year.
Fortunately, DIM may inhibit aromatase activity, preventing testosterone from converting to estrogen–which serves as a sort of two-for-one deal here: More T, less E. The end result is a healthier hormonal balance that’s further promoted by DIM’s next possible T-boosting bio-activity

As you can see from the supplement fact panel there's plenty of other ingredients
Such as -
500mg Fenugreek
• High furostanolic saponins; Phytochemicals that support luteinizing hormone from pituitary gland*
• Shown to directly stimulate testosterone production by increasing enzymes*
• Supports free testosterone levels by preventing binding of SHBG*
• Supports reduction of conversion of testosterone to estrogen & DHT (dihydrotestosterone)*

300mg Maca Extract (maca root)
• Also referred to as Peruvian Ginseng*
• Shown to potentially increase libido and sexual desire*
• Potential to increase male fertility*

250mg Safed Musli Extract
• Rasayana herb used as aphrodisiac and adaptogen*
• Has been shown to have immunomodulatory effects, leading supporting immune health*
• Shown to potentially increase sex drive and stamina via increasing testosterone production in men*

100mg Boron Citrate
• Dietary mineral that plays crucial role in a variety of biological functions*
• May aid in increasing free testosterone levels*
• Shown to reduce circulating estrogen*
• Assists with proper metabolism of calcium, magnesium & phosphorus*

Making this a very good value for money product at $49.95


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