Thoughts on probiotics?

I am tossing up getting some of these.

I know gut health plays a major role most people overlook when it comes to staying happy and healthy, but not sure of the science behind it.

Any first hand experience anyone cares to share? Or any good products out there to try?


  • Probably wasting your time. No real evidence to suggest they do anything besides fuck all.
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    Classic hamdanz.

    Probiotics, like many supplements should be used to supplement your diet.

    Probiotics can sometimes be used medically in cases when someone has lost some of their good gut bacteria after a heavy course of antibiotics, or when there are gut problems , & in which case there are apparently specific types of bacteria for specific types of gut problem.
    Other than that it's pretty much as hamdanz said
  • Probiotics should be used after using antibiotics and also for intestine issues such as IBS

    I don't bother myself, but what I do do is eat about 1kg of greek yogurt per week which has natural probiotics in it

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    Thank you very much for your responses guys :smile:

    So I guess so long as I eat ok, and get a bit of yogurt I should be good!

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