New Forum!

So basically we had some issues with the database on the previous forum which has now been archived.

We have installed a new bug free forum in which there will be a lot of exciting things happened.

All your usernames should work, if any issues let me know.


  • VarisVaris Posts: 65

    User Registration has been fixed, Just need to fix the password reset.

  • Hey manis, is everything wiped and its a new fresh start, (reviews included).

  • VarisVaris Posts: 65

    There will be a link to the archived forum, which has all the old things.. But all the review section stuff stays.

  • So is the old thread format as we know it been wiped? No rep points and discount codes ect?

  • VarisVaris Posts: 65

    Gotta fix up a few things, probably will try match the same post count.. Once everybody is registered.

    Just working through a few bugs.

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