Supps to avoid..

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Just nope


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    Remember i had a pre-workout.

    Called Beast Mode.

    It actually de-stimmed me, Think big red got wrecked by it too.

    This was going back about 3-4 years ago.

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    Cobra P6 didn't cut the mustard personally.
    Nor did Diablo. (Heresy I know.. lol)

  • I love cobra, probably been through 10 tubs

  • To clarify this is more of a thread to give a heads up of bad supplements that should be avoided at all costs. For example they could either be a health risk, have adverse side effects, sold under false pretenses ,(protein spiking, false claims etc etc)
  • Like mass gainer. Whole product is stupid, created for stupid, ignorant, easily fooled and lazy people with too much disposable income. Soz if that's you. But it's true. Please learn.

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    Sorry @eat-more-pies I misunderstood.

    High dosage chromium supplements over a period of time has an correlation with cancer risk.

    News article

  • Mass gainer fan crew checking in... yes I somewhat agree @hamdanz it is one of those products marketed at newbs... I remember seeing an ad for mutant mass, which had a weenie guy with a pre pubescent build, and another picture next to him of a guy who looked like he lived in a gym and ate babies for breakfast. problem is 99% of people use them incorrectly, they either make no changes to their regular diet or they fill their guts with a mass gainer and then have no desire to eat whole food which defeats the purpose. Plain old brown rice is one of the best value for money mass gainers, Personally I like them coz its a quick dumping of extra calories on top of a bulking diet, and for me it's just time and convenience versus money. Calories is calories

    @gerbil, no probs m8. I thought Diablo was a bit shit at first until I looked into the ingredients regarding fat loss and mitochondrial effects.
  • Is age nix,

    even auto correct thinks that shit shouldn't exist.
  • How you tagging people Pies?

    Would have thought you'd just buy a extra tub of protein, and then add oats, dextrose and olive oil etc to a shake? I basically have mass gainer for breakfast, then all I have all day before dinner is a couple of bananas, a shake, and maybe a pie.

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    Heaps of mass gainers are highly priced, but every now and then there's a cheap deal on a huge bag of calories. Like that bsn Trumass it's only 12 serves per bag, but each serve is 2 giant scoops of 1200 calories with 50g of protein
    When I do use a mass gainer as above I'll only use a half a scoop in a shake, plus a banana and top up the protein content with creamed rice, yogurt and whatever other shit I find in the fridge

    can't do the blended oats thing, rather cook up a pot of porridge

    To tag... same as on facebook
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