Features to be added to the new forum.

New Forum Feature Suggestion anybody?

So as previously mentioned we have installed some new forum software called "Vanilla Forums" which is word press based, so it's easier to sync with the review section in terms of features we want to implement and usability.

However, I'm just brain storming what features we need to install, of course we will tweak the design as we go.

It's quite cool with Vanilla Forums as it's simple plugins which can be installed pretty much straight away,

My question is, if anybody has any suggestions for features we should implement let me know, Here's the link below to what is available.


I will be making the original members moderators tonight, as cannot forget dat dere OG.


  • VarisVaris Posts: 65

    I'm kinda thinking of making a Hall of Fame Stim Section.

    I.E Quite honestly the most consistent stim of all time which is no longer around.

    Supersize, Guaranteed a ping where it counted.

    May those feels be missed.

  • eat-more-pieseat-more-pies Posts: 81
    edited October 2017
    A buy now button at the bottom of long reviews, so that moderators or reviewers can add a buy now link to send customers to that particular product store page.

    And some way that you should be able to track those "click through" purchases to see which reviews actually make a contribution to sales
  • VarisVaris Posts: 65

    We actually did have that, but good thinking i need to fix it.

  • Need some no whey adverts

  • VarisVaris Posts: 65

    Was actually thinking of you pies, RE: The current nowhey Prodigy deal.

  • hamdanzhamdanz Posts: 59

    When repping back m9

  • @Varis ....

    Was looking at the prodigy profile the other day... he's changed bro.

  • How about a, suggestions for supplements you'd like to see in store, there's alot of new stuff out there that isn't on the nz market yet.

  • hamdanzhamdanz Posts: 59

    Make the post comment button bigger..

  • VarisVaris Posts: 65

    Alright, noted.

  • Facebook share button. Login with facebook
  • Make the image size limit higher. Took photo, cant upload directly from ph, too large. A bit annoying

  • Ethan LeeEthan Lee Posts: 8
    edited November 2017
    Agree with you there @hamdanz, i don't have a pc so only use phone for reviews.
  • VarisVaris Posts: 65
    edited November 2017

    I'm looking at moving to vbullition or phbb as the forum.

    Spent some time on here in the weekend, and vanilla forums is driving me nuts.

    So will probably export the fresh install to one of those platforms.

    Then once that's done, I'll dump all the old forum data on there like posts ect.

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