home gym versus commercial gym.

Personally I prefer working out at home for a number of reasons.

I can charge through my workout without interruptions.

I can leave bars racked with weights ready to go for the next workout.

No gym fees

And the main reason is using gym equipment coated in a greasy batter of other peoples bodily excretions doesn't appeal to me.

What's your preference, and why?


  • hamdanzhamdanz Posts: 59

    Gyms become a bit of a social thing for me, especially working in real estate. Couldn't give it up

  • @hamdanz
    Yeah gyms do offer alot more than a home gym ever could. Social interaction, access to a wide range of equipment etc.

    I think it's a big city small town thing TBH.

    In the big smoke, you have large 24hr gyms with tonnes of equipment, and competitive pricing. And because it's a larger population you can choose to have complete anonymity.

    from what I've experienced with small town gyms, open hours are limited and the range of equipment is on par with hotel gyms, and because it is the only gym in town, they charge ridiculous prices.
  • Pigs8uPigs8u Posts: 18

    "Yeah gyms do offer alot more than a home gym ever could. Social interaction"


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