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Sitting at 85 kg

Can't post photo off phone because image to large. Can you change this Varis?


  • hamdanzhamdanz Posts: 59

    Physique as of today. Just started at a new gym for awhile. I've been at City Fitness a good 5 or so years

  • hamdanzhamdanz Posts: 59

    Legs today. Iron house mean as for legs. 3 hack squat machines, few other ones that feel way better than more modern mainstream gym equipment.

    Worked my way from 100x3 to 140x3, up in 10 kg. Felt good. Felt strong. Getting back towards my old numbers on the squat, and I've barely trained legs the past 2 weeks, so happy with that.

    Playing summer hockey again, so cardio should improve. Last week it killed me.

  • hamdanzhamdanz Posts: 59

    Done zero cardio lately. Weight still lingering around 85. Diet been ok apart from smashing takeaways pretty much every day this week.

    Really enjoying training at iron house instead of city fitness. It's dead as fuck during day, which I don't really like, but no distractions which is probably good in terms of less time wasted.

    Squat feeling pretty solid. Going to get back into squatting heavy regularly, see if I can start improving it again now I'm not getting the back and hip pain. I think I'm pretty close to my 1rm pb, I might test it in a couple of weeks.

    Shoulders coming along. A dude I used to train with at city fitness trains there too, told me I've put on a little size which is nice to hear. When weight stays around the same for so long, you kinda don't know where you're at with gains. I've only fluctuated between 82 and 88 over the past 2-3 years, where previously I'd bulk to 95ish, and feel sluggish as fuck. I don't like it. Sport still pretty big part of life, and I feel comfortable at this weight, and still see slow strength gains with consistent training.

  • hamdanzhamdanz Posts: 59
    Pb on the overhead squat, and did 3 reps! 62.5 kg. Body feeling good, everything seems to be firing
  • "feel comfortable at this weight, and still see slow strength gains with consistent training"

    Slow and steady wins the race, fast gains are easily lost.

  • Chur Pies. For sure. glad someone reading
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